Neurocritical Care – Data Management Standards

The Project

This website is focused on the consensus development of standards needed for data management in neurocritical care. Neurocritical care is a new discipline in medicine and rapidly growing. As this field matures and the value of data collected at the bedside is realized, such as for machine learning, standards for managing this data become very important.

The Process

We invite you to join your colleagues in the Working Group to provide a much needed service to neurocritical care. The process is as follows:

  1. Become part of the consensus group. Send your name, organization, and credentials (a few sentences on your expertise relevant to neurocritical care) to You will get an account on the consensus wiki.
  2. Read the background info on standards. This website provides introductory information on how terminology standards are created as well as existing standards that apply to our work ( see the section Standards).
  3. Review the initial documents. We are identifying neurocritical care terms that have no standard definition (gap analysis) which will be the focus of our work (see the section New Standards).
  4. Join discussions where you have expertise (e.g. brain oxygen, pupilometry, ICP, etc.). Use the wiki to contribute to the discussions on standard definitions, labels, and attributes. We are looking for moderators for each term or group of terms

We will attempt to reach a consensus on these standards with the goal of getting an endorsement from a related professional organization. We will use test data from some current clinical trials to validate the terminology for its purpose in big data applications.